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During the process of making cheese, so many variables must galvanize with just the right alchemy, synchrony and balance to create something perfect—which is also how the story of the Plymouth Cheese company came to be.

Since the start of his career, Jesse Werner—a native Vermonter and passionate cheesemaker—always held a vision to preserve the working landscape of his beloved Vermont, and took on the momentous task of reviving the original 1890 Coolidge-era granular curd recipe that the first European settlers brought to the new world. Just as this old-world formula was revitalized by Werner, the antique cheese factory and its equipment were also brought back to life, the result of which became an artisanal cheese company that today crafts cheeses all cut and waxed by hand, the way it was done over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Enter Sarit Werner, Jesse’s wife, a former graphic designer for Ralph Lauren, who on one fateful day decided to pack her bags and leave the urban hustle of New York City for rural Vermont, to not only marry, but truly join forces with her man. It was Sarit’s fine art background and experience with bold visual language that, through a whimsical vision of branding, enhanced the Plymouth products to a new level of aesthetic appeal, helping make the cheeses a full-spectrum experience for all of the senses.

While the company’s roots are steeped in the green-pastured classics of Americana, in time Jesse and Sarit sought to explore variations on their cheeses, whose new flavors would take inspiration from the spices, elements and culinary personalities of other corners in the world. Using their signature heritage cheddar, Original Plymouth, as the basis, the husband-wife team went on to create a dynamic line of hand-waxed, cave-aged and blue cheeses that today comprise the Plymouth brand.


Our cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand - the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

The granular curd is the one of the oldest types of cheddar cheeses. The art of achieving the rich, open-bodied texture of granular curd cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds.

The secret to making great cheese is to use the best and highest quality raw milk.. We use only the finest Vermont raw cow's milk free of any additives, ant-biotics or rBST. Our milk is sourced from a single dairy herd in close proximity to the cheese factory so we can use the freshest milk possible, and we can ensure consistent quality.

The quality of the raw milk that we make our cheeses from is also dependent on what the animals are fed and how they are treated. The milk that goes into Plymouth Cheese comes from livestock that is humanely treated and where only the best dairy practices are employed. We are confident that once you have tasted our cheeses you will appreciate and understand our constant attention to detail and our dedication to promoting and sustaining the natural environment here in Vermont.


The Plymouth Cheese Factory is the second oldest cheese factory in the United States - producing high quality and distinctive artisan cheeses for over 125 years. The factory still occupies the same site and building as it did when it was built in 1890 in Plymouth, Vermont by Col. John Coolidge, father of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. John Coolidge, a dairy farmer, created Plymouth Cheese as a means of turning extra milk into a product with a longer shelf life, using the same exacting granular curd recipe that the first European settlers brought with them to the New World.

Jesse Werner, has revived that recipe, and the original way they used to dip the cheese in wax. Plymouth Cheese is the closest thing consumers can find to the cheeses America’s first farmers produced in the 1600's. Plymouth Artisan Cheese may be the only cheesemaker that still produces this distinctive and original American heritage cheese.


Our Cheesemaker

Jesse Werner is an artisanal cheesemaker and all of his cheeses are produced in small batches and aged on site.

In 2008-2009 Jesse attended the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheese (VIAC), University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, where he studied artisan cheese making which included, but not by way of limitation, all aspects of artisanal cheese production including Chemistry, Microbiology, Cultures and Design of Artisanal Cheeses. 

Jesse apprenticed with Marc Andre St. Yves of Fromager Conseil ENC/INTERNATIONAL , and designs and develops his own cheeses, in addition to the distinctive granular curd, at the cheese factory. 

The public is invited to visit the Plymouth Cheese Factory and watch Jesse and his assistants as they create Plymouth Cheese. There are viewing windows to observe the art of the cheesemaker and, more often than not, Jesse will come out and answer questions about Plymouth Cheese and the work required to produce this unique artisan product.

Hand Waxed Series


Cave Aged Wheels


Cheese Curds



Original Plymouth

8oz., $10.00

The Original Plymouth recipe is precisely that: it is the original Coolidge-era formula that was discovered on a frayed scrap of paper, taped to the walls of the old Plymouth factory, and revitalized by founder Jesse Werner in 2009. Aged for one whole year, this cheddar is the most antiquated of the English varieties, an old-world recipe with a sharp, rich flavor profile that lingers, like a passed down story. It’s a full-bodied cheese, rounded with the perfect balance of cream and tang, and said to be closest to what the settlers of the 1600s consumed. Original Plymouth is the signature granular curd cheddar recipe on which all the other varieties are based. And as the great spark ignitor of the whole Plymouth line, this raw heritage cheddar literally tastes like a walk back in time.

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Plymouth Cheese Giftbox with 6 cheeses

Vintage wooden Giftbox with 6 of our handmade, award-winning cheeses, $80.00

Included cheeses are blocks of Original Plymouth, Smoked, Hunter, Hot Pepper, Garlic Peppercorn, and Sage & Herb.

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8 oz. , $10.00

Our Smoked cheddar is a gentleman’s cheese. It’s the cheese that doesn’t mince words and gives you a firm handshake. Cold-smoked over hickory wood in the classic Vermont tradition, this natural raw artisanal cheddar comes to life somewhere between creamy, savory and proud. With hints of salt and bacon, this sixty-day recipe is one of our best sellers, with enough grit as is, melted, or on a sandwich.

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Black Truffle

8 oz.
New!, $10.50

Black Truffle is the delicate mingling of the Original Plymouth recipe sailed metaphorically to the shores of Tuscany. In the Italian tradition, truffle cheeses are typically made with sheep’s milk—but this pioneer is a raw cow milk version, aged for sixty days, infused with real truffle morsels from Italy and light touches of white truffle oil. Italian black summer truffles, called scorzone, grow naturally and elusively below the soil’s surface in woodlands, and are known to have a more subtle flavor than the winter variety. The result here is a luscious slow-dance of flavors; a mellow and approachable cheese that is at once earthy, straightforward, sexy and smooth.

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East Meadow

8oz., $10.00

East Meadow is our sun-is-shining happy place cheese. With its buttery consistency, just enough kick and mildly sweet notes, this natural raw artisanal milk variety is a favorite among cheese-loving children—but equally mature enough for an elegant or casual grown-up picnic sprawl. Named for the East Meadow on Plymouth Notch where the factory still stands proud, our youngest sixty-day recipe is the smile-and-a-hug equivalent of a raw cheddar.

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Garlic Peppercorn

8oz., $10.00

Garlic Peppercorn is inspired by the flair and finesse of the French kitchen, with its proud and vivacious character and the savory elements of onion, garlic, red peppers—and of course, green peppercorns. The poir vert tradition holds strong in France, where chefs bow to this verdant variety of the peppercorn, which shows up in sauces as well as in cheese. This raw cheddar is marbled, which makes it (much like the French) as pretty as it is complex. It is aged for sixty days, yielding an upbeat and creamy granular curd cheese that tastes like a whole plate of dinner in just one bite.


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Hot Pepper

8 oz. , $10.00

Hot Pepper is the high-desert lovechild of a Tex-Mex daydream and the signature Plymouth Original. A natural raw artisanal milk version of an American pepperjack, this hearty cheese, which is aged for sixty days, turns up the heat and buzzes with flavor. Some bites will have more kick than others, so one might say this is the cheese of surprise and serendipity, a dynamic journey along the spectrum of spice and zest. Habanero and Jalapeño peppers are added at the curd stage, forging a bright, bold and lively cheese that is great on its own, and sublime on a plate of nachos.

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8 oz, $10.00

Hunter, our sharpest cheese, won’t waste your time. It’s the cheese that wants you to grasp the essence of what sharp cheddar means—with your soul. As the lactose content decreases during the two-year aging process, crystallization occurs, which makes its consistency more brittle to the bite. The result is a robust, mature, ivory-hued, no-nonsense sharp Vermont cheddar that would wear a plaid flannel shirt, chop your wood and build you a fire if it could.

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test, $10.00

TEst TEst

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Plymouth Navy T-Shirt

Unisex, Print on the Front, $22.00

Plymouth Logo T Shirt in Navy. Available is Men's sizes : Small-XXLarge. Please specify size when ordering in the comments!

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Sage & Herbs

8oz., $10.00

Our Sage & Herb cheddar is a lover, not a fighter. With its savory kick, aromatic personality, and purple psychedelic label, this variety is the bohemian cousin of our Plymouth original. Enhanced with a mellow blend of herbs de provence—including sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender and oregano—this sixty-day recipe is a favorite during the holidays. Both feisty and familiar, this whimsical flavor finds its groove on a sandwich, paired with fruit, or perfect its own.

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Maple Syrup Tin - Cylinder

Our own small-batch Vermont Pure, $10.00
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Maple Syrup Tin - Square

Our own small-batch Vermont Pure, $10.00
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Plymouth Trucker Hat

One Adjustable Size, $22.00

Our very own Plymouth Red and White Trucker Hatt! 

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8 oz.
New!, $10.00

With its crumbly texture and vibrant blend of mystery and exoticism, Sambal is our genie-in-a-bottle of cheddars. Infused with the Indonesian relish called sambal—for which the cheese is named and which we make in-house—this sixty-day variety combines the dynamic depth of an umami flavor profile with just enough heat and spice. The result is a visually marbled fire-cracker of a cheese that pairs perfectly with a medjool date; or takes scrambled eggs and frittatas on a magic carpet ride.

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Maple Syrup Tin - Log Cabin

Our own small-batch Vermont Pure, $10.00

8.45 oz

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Plymouth Cheese Giftbox with 3 varieties of Artisan Cheese

Vintage wooden Giftbox with 3 cheeses, $50.00
Choose 3 cheeses to be included. Choices are Original Plymouth, Smoked, Hunter, Hot Pepper, Garlic Peppercorn, Sage & Herb, and East Meadow. Please specify your choice in the notes of your order.
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Plymouth Baseball Shirt

Baby and Women's sizes, $22.00

Women's sizes are M, L, and XL. Baby's sizes are 3-6 months , 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months.

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Plymouth Cheese Cooler Bag

Insulated Pack , $9.95
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Plymouth Cheese in the Press


2015 - Big E Cheese Competition - Eastern States Exposition

Gold Medal for Garlic Peppercorn

Silver Medal for Hot Pepper and Sage & Herbs

Bronze Medals for Big Blue, Red, White & Blue, Grace's Choice, Plymouth Tomme, East Meadow, Smoked and Original Plymouth


2015 - American Cheese Society

Second Place Ribbon for Hot Pepper in 'Cheeses with Flavor Added - All Milks and Mixed Milks' category

Third Place Ribbon for Sage&Herbs in 'Cheeses with Flavor Added - All Milks and Mixed Milks' category


2014 - Big E Cheese Competition - Eastern States Exposition

Gold Medal for Red, White & Blue

Gold Medal for Plymouth Big Blue

Gold Medal for Garlic Peppercorn

Gold Medal for Smoked

Silver Medal for East Meadow

Silver Medal for Grace's Choice

Bronze Medal for Hot Pepper


2014 - American Cheese Society

Second Place Ribbon for Red, White & Blue in the Blue Vein Natural Rind category


2013 - Big E Cheese Competition - Eastern States Exposition

Gold Medal for Grace’s Choice in the Washed Rind category

Bronze Medal for Plymouth Smoked in the Smoked Cheese category

Bronze Medal for Plymouth Hot Pepper in the Flavored category


2012 - American Cheese Society

Second Place Ribbon for Plymouth Original in the Original Recipe category


2012 - Big E Cheese Competition - Eastern States Exposition

Silver Medal for Plymouth Original in the Open category

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Savenor's, Boston

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Bee's Knees Supply Company, Boston

Bacco's Wine & Cheese, Boston

The Winebuyer's Outlet, Boston

Wasik's Cheese Shop, Wellesley

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Wild Oats Co-op, Williamstown

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