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Plymouth Artisan Cheese
Plymouth Artisan Cheese


The Plymouth Cheese Factory was opened in 1890 by John Coolidge, the Father of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. Plymouth Cheese is an American heritage cheese with its own unique characteristics and a fine reputation. The Plymouth Cheese Factory in Plymouth, Vermont, is one of the oldest cheese operations in the United States.

The art of achieving the rich open bodied texture of granular curd cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds, both mechanically and manually. This process takes hours and is still used today to produce this  authentic American heritage cheese. The recipe for what became Plymouth Cheese arrived with the first European settlers to the New World and has been modified over time to become what it is today.

Although granular curd cheeses were widely made throughout the colonies this practice slowly died out over time and was replaced by the factory process. When John Coolidge sited his cheese factory in Plymouth, Vermont, Plymouth Cheese as we know it today was born. The Plymouth Cheese Factory operated until 1934 when the factory was closed due to a milk shortage caused by the Great Depression.

Oath Of Office Room on the Plymouth site


The Barn

Plymouth Cheese disappeared from the American landscape until 1962 when John Coolidge, the sole surviving child of President Calvin Coolidge, decided to return to Vermont and revive the Plymouth Cheese Factory. From 1962-1998 John Coolidge re-introduced Plymouth Cheese, and at the age of 92 sold the cheese factory to the State of Vermont where it now is the centerpiece of the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site.

In July of 2009, Jesse Werner took over the Plymouth Cheese Factory and has once again started making Plymouth Cheese to the same exacting standards that such a pedigreed American heritage cheese demands. Jesse is an artisanal cheesemaker and all of his cheeses are produced in small batches and aged on site. All of the cheeses are handmade from raw cow's milk received from a single local herd that is continually monitored for quality. All of the milk for Plymouth Cheese comes from a farm that engages in the best dairy practices and humane treatment of their livestock. Only the finest and freshest milk goes into the cheeses. Our line of granular curd cheeses are true American heritage cheese made to the same exacting recipe, handed down through the generations, that the first European settlers brought with them to the New World. Granular curd cheese is very rare and, to our knowledge, Plymouth Artisan Cheese may be the only cheesemaker that still produces this distinctive American heritage cheese and makes it available to the public.

The public is invited to visit the Plymouth Cheese Factory and watch Jesse and his assistants as they create Plymouth Cheese. There are viewing windows to observe the art of the cheesemaker and, more often than not, Jesse will come out and answer questions about Plymouth cheese and the work required to produce this unique artisan product.

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